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Lumps of flour are visible in the dough.

In case there is not enough liquid in the beginning of the process, lumps of dough can form which the mixer cannot brake up. We therefore

How to prevent overmixing of fat?

  • When preparing meat mixtures you should be careful not to overmix them, especially if you have already added fat or bacon. First, mix the meat and the spices and add chilled fat at the end of the process so that the fat does not break up as much. Otherwise, a layer of fat might form between the minced meat which affects the consistency of the mixture.
  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended quantity for a particular mixer. The mixture shouldn't reach over the top of the mixing flap. If you exceed the recommended quantity, the result will be an uneven mixture. This increases mixing time and has a negative effect on the quality of mixture. Always observe the allowed quantities for each mixer (containers are larger to enable rising of the dough).

Replacing the oil in the gear unit or the reduction gear

  • Mixers do not require any special maintenance except replacing the oil in the gear unit.
  • The gear unit is filled with oil type Hypoidol 80-90. Replace the oil every 250 working hours or once a year. Release it by loosening the Allen screw at the side or the bottom of the gear unit. The screw at the side is also used for adding oil and checking the oil level.
  • The oil must reach the top of the opening if the mixer is in the upright position or if it is turned by 90 degrees. Oil quantity depends on gear unit size.
  • In case you added too much oil in the gear unit, excess oil will flow out during operation through a vent that is located at the top of the gear unit inside the device.

Table of oil quantity for each mixer

Type of mixer Oil quantity (liters)
MŠ 6, MŠ 12 0,12
MŠ 25, MŠ 30, MŠ 35 0,25
MŠ 50, MŠ 70 0,6
MŠ 120 2,0

Dispose used oil at a landfill for industrial waste in accordance with the applicable environmental laws and regulations!

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